Heartway Church , Like our slogan says is a Church for the Unchurched those who don't feel the need to play dress up and be fake in gatherings. We say come as you are and learn and share about the love of Jesus Christ. He is why we are here to serve each other. 

A Nondenominational Church, Heartway Church is for everyone Who is in need of The Saviour,Hope,and purpose in life.

Heartway Church may come across as a bit radical ,However we are all about growing a local body that extends to the ends of the earth Gathering a family of Believers in Jesus Christ to fellowship ,commune,and be as One in Him.

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ ,The one and only Son of God is our main Goal (The Great Commission)

We also believe in having fun and a good time along the way on this Journey of Life.

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We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you !