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m2 things to consider. One Join the Mailing list. We want bombard you with stuff all the time Just Special Events. Two: Become a "Fan"( I don't like this word change the N to M short for Family, .We are all brothers and sisters in Christ.from this Ministry. You will get Privy to things None" FAM members" wont. Things like Special Prayer when asked By you. Prayers are free but we have to connect in order to know what ,where ,when they are about?. You also get Privy to Music specials others Will not receive  Drawings and giveaways you may not even need to sign up for ,HOWEVER must be A FAM and of course this is How we remain in contact with you as well as surprize you with STUFF!!!. Sign up today ,it only takes a few seconds and did i mention It's free to do.


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The Music is a token of our appreciation for your Donations to This Ministry. Thank you for your Support .We are in this together to Win Souls for the Kingdom.

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Tremble -as sang by Sonia Osborne-Donation only


NOTE : This is not for sale . Only through Donation - All sales on this site are considered Donations to THIS MINISTRY.

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